Monday, March 21, 2011

Banana Worms

Warning. This is about poop. If you don't want to read about baby poop then stop. now. or when I mention to stop again.

There is a lot of back story here but I am going to try and give the quick version. Last Tuesday we thought we would try and introduce some food to Sonny. I know he isn't 6 months yet and in an ideal world I would not have had to start so early (one week shy of 5) - but in an out-of-breast milk-emergency home made baby food is going to be my back up]. I bought some organic baby yams from Fresh Direct and whipped up a tasty little concoction of pureed baked yams, breast milk and water. Sonny LOVED it (another blog post to come with pictures - and maybe video). He couldn't get it into his mouth fast enough. Ok, now fast forward to Saturday. Sonny still had not pooped. Granted it is totally normal for breastfed babies to go a few days without pooping, but not Sonny. He pooped like clockwork. So you can imagine how weird it was that it had been 4 days. He finally pooped. a tiny bit. Here is where you should stop if you don't want to see baby poop.

There were these little "things" in his poo. Weird little red/brown squiggles. Reminded me of saffron. Here is a picture:

A little alarming right? We decided to wait until the next poo to see if there were more. Fast forward again to Sunday afternoon. Still no poop. About to intervene when Sonny smiled real big and scrunchy and pooped a giant poop. In that poop there were a lot more squiggles. This is where I start to panic a little thinking Sonny has worms and how terrible that must be and how could such a thing happen?! I should never have given him those yams! Blasted Yams! I Hate you!

My friend/ one of Sonny's sitters came by to drop off some essential oils for his constipation and took at look at the "worms". She confirmed what I already knew - it wasn't yam fibers. We tried to think of everything it could be she casually mentioned that on Thursday he grabbed a piece of banana she was eating, but didn't think he even ate much.

She left. I called my parents. I called his dr.'s cell phone and explained that my son had worms. He said bring him in first thing Monday. I called josh and explained to him that our son had worms. Josh called me back and told me our son had banana.

After a little internet research and thanks to many other panicked mothers of banana fed babies, we learned two things: 1) Banana's constipate babies 2) Baby banana poop looks like worm poop. SONNY  DOES NOT HAVE WORMS. Here is a Zoomed in picture of the "worm":

Gross right?
So much for keeping this short. I could have just said:

When you feed a baby bananas don't be alarmed if their poop looks like worms. It's normal.


  1. I almost died laughing! I do recall the banana worms though, I love this always gives me a good laugh just when I need one!

  2. "Back" story! HA! I love it, thanks for sharing moments like these Carly, it'll most definitely come in handy when I'm calling Jess to tell him our baby has worms. ♥

  3. thank god you are going thru this a few months before me. i would have DIED!


  4. This is hilarious.

    Quinn is on day #4 of rice cereal. Poor boy hates it, so I need to get him some REAL food. But scary poop sounds... scary. Hmm.

  5. haha so gross but hilarious!

  6. thank you for this post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    we gave our 5 month baby banana 2 days ago and today he pooped those dark tiny stringy poop. No worries. Off to the park :)

  7. OMG! SO glad I came accross this! I just fed my 6 month old bananas and she had the squiggly worm poo`s today. I about lost it! Thanks for posting this...I now know my LO is normally digesting bananas!

  8. Ha! This just happened to me. Thank you! I love the Internet. :-)

  9. Compared to others, Honest diapers are not as bulky. My son leaked only once and that was because I didn't put it on snuggly. Also, Honest brand smells nicer than others. Thank goodness something down there does!!

  10. Thank you for posting this!!!! My 11 month old son ate half a banana yesterday more then he usually gets and had three poops today with millions of black "worm" I called the doctors office tonight frantic and crying they said to bring him in tomorrow ....I searched it and found this which has completely calmed me down :) thank you again