Saturday, April 3, 2010

I love when my curtains dance

With the Spring weather around for the weekend, windows get opened, fresh air gets let in and magic happens. I love watching this in my living room.

The Wizarding World!

I've been meaning to blog about my excitement about this for months. Yes, months. When I first started this thing I said "Man, I have to do an entry about this". Now I finally am. Deep breath...I don't even know what to say except I hope I am not disappointed. When Harry Potter first came out, it was my sister that first really took to it. She raved about it, then my parents read it and loved it. So I read book one and naturally, I wanted book two immediately. I read books 1-5 back to back almost (well as soon as they were available), but for some reason now forgotten I stopped there and took a long hiatus.
Two Summers ago, my friend Corinne and I went away for the weekend to Atlantic City, the place where dreams are made of. I remember we were walking around and I asked her to fill me in on the details of book 7. I told her to spare no spoilers that I would eventually read it either way - knowing or not knowing what happens never stops me from reading a book. So, I knew the big parts, like who marries who and blah blah blah.
Fast forward two years almost and while at Corrine's I pick up book 6 and decide the time had come to bring Harry back into my life.

I didn't realize until maybe the second chapter in, how much I actually missed him and his pals. I couldn't put the book down. When I wasn't reading about Hogwarts and He Who Must Not Be Named (right now only cause I don't know how to spell it, and I don't feel like looking it up) I was dreaming about it. It was kinda like after I play Bejeweled for a while and I close my eyes, all I see in my mind are the little jems and where i can fit them to create a chain. Or when I look at people's faces and my mind starts to move there nose up or eyes down to make things line up (but I think that is a different post), that really happens for at least an hour straight after an intense Bejeweled session.

Ok, so right after i finished book six, i jumped right into book seven and read it straight one weekend and didn't get much else done in my life. I was also motivated by all the Young Women at church who brag about reading book seven in one day. Or the Bishop's kids who read ALL of the books before their 8th birthdays.

I enjoyed those two books so much. You just get so caught up in the story and the characters that you just feel connected. Is that weird? It sounds kinda weird.

I remembered when I was in Orlando last year my family went to Universal Studios and I saw the construction of Hogwarts Castle. It was awesome. So I did a quick Google search and found this. Or watch the video below.

Just look through it. Take the flying tour. Dream of an empty Universal Studios where you can enjoy this for all its glory without hundreds of thousands of screaming kids in strollers and people walking slowing and standing in long lines all day.

That is what I dream of now. I don't know when I will make it there, but I hope it is sooner than later. And I really hope I am not sorely disappointed. This can be wonderful or terrible. Lets all hope for Wonder.

Here are 19 photos that should get you pretty excited.

Word is there will be at least TWO roller coasters.