Thursday, January 26, 2012

Stats - Short for Statistics


For some reason, my blog is big in the Ukraine.  So I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you to all my Ukrainian readers.  I hope you stick around.

Also, big on people looking up baby poop. especially banana baby poop.

It should be big on people looking up "super cute toddler". I wrote baby, but had to erase it, cause he's really not even a baby anymore! He is like a 6 year old.

He is a complete copy cat.  Monkey see, monkey do. Monkey hear, monkey say (try to say).  I love it.
This week he has added a few new words to his vocabulary.  So far this is his arsenal:
hot, water, ball, balloon, bubbles, broom, blueberry, pineapple, banana, egg, more, bye, hi, bed, unt unt unt (while shaking his finger at you when he shouldn't be doing something i.e. pointing at an outlet), door, Israel (his friend - not the country), Paolo (again, his friend), Momma, Dadda.  Those are his standard words and he tries new ones everyday. Granted, pineapple and broom don't exactly sound right, but we know what he means. He is still signing milk, please, thank you, more, all done and has his own sign for help.

We do this thing where he puts boxes on his arms and makes robot sounds (b/c we do it and say "I AM ROBOT ARM" in a robot voice) so he does it too.

He is now covering his mouth when he coughs and blowing and picking his nose. He LOVES dancing, spinning, jumping, cleaning, cooking and riding the broom like a witch. 

Yesterday was his 15 month check-up.  He is of average height, thin and has a small head.

Height: 52%
Weight: 13%
Head: 10%

Oh and we took him sledding and he loved that too. 

Photo dump.

Coughing - He looks a little sick. Poor guy
Maybe that's a sucker in his mouth at the Dr. office. BUT he did have to get blood drawn.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Out on the Field

Remember the cotton field pictures from last Christmas?  If you don't, then hit that link and you will see them.  Well, this year the cotton field was a corn field.  It's neat to see a years growth (both in the boy and the field)!  Here are a few selects josh took while at Grandma's.  If I can, I will post some more later.

These Next two are from this past week, He was happy and then sad cause he wanted Josh's camera so badly.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Another NC Christmas

Our Tree

Yep. Christmas came and went as expected.  I didn't feel a lot of Christmas spirit this year AND I even listened to Christmas music during work BY CHOICE!  I dunno, it just comes and goes so quickly. Maybe when the boy is older it will be more Christmasy.  NC was great though.  As always I had a wonderful time with Josh's family.  There were a lot of cousins for Sonny to play with and he loved it.  We all loved it.

Josh's Mom planned a live nativity with all the cousins, it was hilarious:

Every little girl needs a round brush stuck in their hair at least once

What's Christmas without a fruit cake?

Grandma's famous bicuits

Maybe Inappropriate - but whatever

It's cold in NYC right now.  After work I usually walk one mile to catch my train but today I decided to take the cross town train to save me from the blistering wind.  While speed walking through Grand Central Terminal, up and down stairs to get the subway, I was reminded of a couple things.  They are probably not even 1% politically correct to admit but I've felt this way for a long time.

Sometimes I think it would be really cool to be a big fat black lady. Here are my reasons why:
  • Infectious Laughter
  • Get to call people sweetheart or hun without sounding demeaning
  • Culturally considered sexy even when above average sized
  • Proud of Ethnicity and the features it gives them
  • Can dress and accessorize outrageously
  • Just don't seem to give a hoot about crap that doesn't matter
  • Give good solid hugs
  • Seem Jolly

Now, I have nothing to base the above on except my own observations.  While on the subject; i think it would also be cool to be an older skinny black man.  Here are my reasons why:

  • Get to call people sweetheart or hun without sounding demeaning
  • Dress sharp
  • Can pull off a suit and hat just going to the corner store - like no other
  • STEREOTYPE ALERT - Maybe be a great harmonica player or jazz musician
  • STEREOTYPE ALERT - Can dance

 I really hope that no one is offended by this. And don't get me wrong, I am happy being me, but if I could just fora  day be someone else to see what it was like, I would try the above people first.
Then I would be a subway driver next.  I think that would be an awesome job - for a day.

So instead of this:

I get to be this:

and I like that.