Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sometimes it's just too much

 Every time I look at these pictures, my heart almost explodes with love. He is so silly. and cute.

He commandeered this scooter at the park a couple weeks ago.  He's got it down.

He also loves to climb and slide. Repeat.

Monday, March 26, 2012


Our living room is often converted into a photo studio and on one recent occasion before the models arrived, we had an impromptu photo shoot with a dinosaur. All photos by josh.

"Hey come on, let's go play in the room"

Sooooo tired

Behind the scenes

Catching Up

Remember when I used to post more regularly?  I have good intentions, but little time.  Josh took some good pictures of the babe last week - which i hope to post this week.  In the meantime- I love NYC.

Saturday's are my favorite. It is rare that the three of of leave the house before 3 in the afternoon, but when we do leave- the adventures begin. Subway rides have gotten pretty easy with Sonny. He likes to sit in his own seat or hold the center poles (prefers to do this with no help) and this weekend, he started to practice pull-ups on the top hand rail. He can hang on by himself for a couple seconds which is pretty impressive for a not-quite-yet-year-and-a-half-year-old. He is very much a NYC Boy (cue Pet Shop Boys) - Strap Hanging, Pizza & Ice-cream Eating (he calls Pizza: "Peeta Peeta Peeta"), Pigeon & Squirrel Chasing, Dancing, People & Street Performer Watching NYC Boy - one man let him help him play the bongos this weekend  (i know all of the above can happen in any city, but especially NYC.)

Spring is here and Summer is just around the corner, I look forward to many many NYC adventures within the next few months.