Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sweet Dreams

There are cute pictures of babies sleeping, and then there are these:

This next one?? Seriously, if this doesn't make you go "awwww..." nothing will:

These were all taken about a month ago by josh.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Two things - unrelated and pointless

Each year Corinne's sister Jesse compiles a list of names of babies born in Rexberg, I was discussing this years list with my sister (on gchat) and the conversation made me laugh:

 Cicely:  they are bad to the max
whats up with that town
 me:  young mormom moms
i menat emree not enree
Enree is how people of Brittan pronounce Henry
 Cicely:  why do they want weird names
i saw to two girl missionaries riding around their bikes yesterday
they looked like nerds
most mormos  are attractive, these two looked like the bird lady
 me:  hahaha i want to put that on my fb. I am going to...
 Cicely:  carl!
 me:  it going on my blog
 Cicely:  carl!
 me:  i'm serious I think it is funny and I am posting it now

on another non realted note; i found a new chapstick I love.

It is 95% Organic 100% natrual and surprisingly well priced. I bought it at Duane Reade so it couldn't be THAT expensive. I really like it- tastes nice, long-lasting moisture.  Plus as josh pinted out to me, I am a sucker for packaging.  I'm pretty sure my friend Anna uses it, I know i've seen it somewhere before. Gonna be on my Spring/Summer must have list.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A total of MAYBE 10 seconds

I wonder if when you are so small :10 seconds seems like 10 minutes. The following happened about that fast. What an emotional roller coaster.  I don't know what brought it on. Maybe it was because he has too many giraffe toys to choose from.

Maybe he was mad I was changing the "lens" on my camera (and by camera I mean iphone).

Even with all those giraffe toys he still likes the simple things. Sunday night he helped me make cookies and LOVED playing with the chocolate chip bag.


Friday, April 1, 2011


I don't like to follow any "type" of parenting. I don't like to read parenting books or follow parenting trends, but I do like to find information that supports and guides me on things I think make sense. Enter BLW. Baby Led Weaning. I was a little stressed about being at work and Sonny being home or with the sitter and not having enough milk. Aside from nursing on demand when I am home with Sonny, I pump 5 times a day. Ugh. I don't like it but I do it cause I know it's best.

Anyway, I ran into a doula/lactation consultant I'm friends with and talked to her about my situation and all about Sonny. She said it sounded like he would was ready to eat some food, so I bought some organic yams from Fresh Direct (remember how much I love them), pureed it with breast milk and he loved it.

Then I was talking to another Mom about something and she mentioned that she gave her baby real live adult food from the beginning. I was intrigued. It made sense. Of course I had all the standard questions: What about choking? What about digestion? She told me to check out this website and mentioned the book Baby Led Weaning, which I then bought from Amazon. Although Sonny is not yet 6 months, he showed all the basic signs of being ready. He sits up with no support, he reaches for objects and puts them perfectly in his mouth without jabbing his eye or nose on accident, reaches for the food I am eating and he is super baby. Duh (eye roll).
I was so excited to try this because I knew he would just be thrilled. He was. His delight was not disappointing. At this stage in the game you don't expect that they will actually eat a lot of it. Babies just like to experiment with touch and taste, which then leads them to better eating habits and being more open to different flavors (or so they say).
I bought some organic broccoli (best starter food due to the "handle design") steamed it and set him in his highchair for the first time to join us eating dinner (he also had a few blueberries). He wasted no time guessing what to do with the food, within seconds he had a floret in his hand and them immediately in his mouth.

BOY WAS IT MESSY! I just laughed and loved every second of it. Sonny would smile so big with food all over his face. There was broccoli and blueberry everywhere.

Those pictures are great, but this one is fantastic:
I'm sure I'll blog more about BLW as I discover new things and try different foods. I'm really excited to let Sonny learn about food this way.