Monday, May 7, 2012


You can call him Scooter McScooterson.  My parents bought this for him for his 18 month birthday (is that even a real thing?) We can't leave the house without it.   Last night when we were coming home from a friend's house he was taking hills with serious speed and skill.  This kid is fearless.  It's quicker than letting him walk anywhere, cause when he's walking 2 blocks can take 20 min with all the distractions.

What next?  I guess a skateboard will soon follow.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Take Me To The Hospital

i scraped up my face
bounced my cheek on the floor
cause anything worth doing
is worth getting hurt for
i've made no mistakes
i'm never learning from that
i got no regrets
i wanna do it again
do it A -G- A- I- N

so you can take me to the H,
take me to the O,
want you to take me to the S,
take me to the P,
want you to take me to the I- T- A- L.
want you to take me to hospital....

- The Faint

It went like this:
Josh calls me at work and with an ever so calm voice says: "the boy fell down, split his head and may need stitches." next thing I know I'm in a cab headed home. I get home to a kid jumping off of things with a bloody head injury. This boy does not stop. One of his sitters is from Bolivia and knows to put the skin of an egg shell on an open wound to seal it up. So there he is with egg on his head smiling laughing and jumping. He stopped long enough for me to give him a hug and kiss and to tell me he fell down went "boooong!" and that it hurt. I packed the diaper bag and we were for ready for the ER. Since he was acting fine we took the subway 5 stops to the Children's ER. A call from a friend was made before we arrived so we only waited about 5 minutes before we were in the back with a doctor.
Once we were in it was quick and easy. Vitals were taken, egg washed off, wound cleaned out, assessed and super glued. Done and done. They were about to get the plastic surgeon for stitches, but since it was such a clean straight line they thought glue would be the best bet.  I have a feeling, this won't be our last glue/stitch him up visit to the ER.

MAMA, I'm so bored!