Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Colorado Part 1

This trp was special for me. It meant so much to me. I felt close and connected to Colorado before, but I feel even closer now.  It is in my blood. Josh took a lot of great pics on his camera, these are just the selects from mine.  More to come. and more story to accompany them.

Lyons Soda Fountain

He is NOT a baby anymore.

Hello lamp post, whatcha doin'?

When he wasn't chillin in the car seat it was this "MAMA!!!  Don't Like! MAMA!! Don't like car seat!"

Last night.

Colorado makes me oh so happy.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Pillow Talk.

Usually getting Sonny to sleep at night is seemless. We lay down and within 20-40 minutes he is sleeping and I sneak out.  Last night though, it was like having a real kid that didn't want to sleep.  He was a complete chatterbox.  This is how it went down:

*He only had a 30 min nap earlier and when we were getting ready for bed he was having a complete tired melt down so I thought sleeping would be easy.

After nursing for 10 min:
 me: Ok, love it's time to sleep good night.
him: milk? milk? milk? milk?
me: No, boobies are sleeping.
him: Peeeeaaassss
me: Not right now, it's time to sleep.
**Amublance Sirens**
him: Ambance???
me: yep
him: see it??
me: Now it's time to sleep, we can see an ambulance another time, ok?
him: yep-a (his Yep's and Nope's have very hard P sounds)
**Tossing and turning**
**Motorcycle goes by**
him: brrrvrooom brrrvrooom (making hand gestures of turning handle- I am sure there is a word for that - did this repeatidly)
him: Mama. mama. mama. mama.
me: yes love?
him: mocykal?
me: yes.
him: see it?
me: Not right now, but tomorrow you can see one.
him: ok. ONE DAY?!?!?
me: Yes, one day.
him: Bibbit? one day bibbit?
me: (trying so hard not to laugh) yes, love, one day you can have a bibbit.

**Ok, so on Tuesday or Wednesday while eating dinner, we were watching Planet Earth and there was a frog. Sonny said "I want" I said "One day you can have one". He said "One day?" I said, "yes, one day you have have a frog (be calls frogs bibbit's) when you are a little older."**

him: (grabbing my face in both his hands - looks me in the eyes)  Mama! One. day. bibbit?
me: Yes, one day you can have a frog. Please close your eyes and try to sleep.
him: Bibbit, frog, one day.
me: yes.
him: Mama! One. day. bibbit?

me: yes, one day, you can have a bibbit.

I KID YOU NOT THIS WENT ON FOR AT LEAST 8 MINUTES back and forth about him getting a frog one day.

He is so silly.

He also likes to do or wear whatever we are doing or wearing. Especially when it comes to accessories.  Saturday I was wearing a headband. So he wanted a head band.  He points to his head and says headband too?  So I found the most masculine one in my drawer and he wore it proudly for the next hour.

He is so silly.