Thursday, December 26, 2013

Pregnant Pictures

Back in July, I had a little photo session with Josh on the camera and our dear friend Shelley on hair and make-up. We took about 500 pictures and out of those 500 i only liked about 15.  Posing for the camera is not as easy as it seems.  I am super uncomfortable doing it. We would take like 20 pictures and I would stop and look through them and say things like "Oh man, those are awful, I thought i was smiling the whole time" but in reality i looked dead or furious. Josh would say things like, "relax, just add some movement" and i would end up doing the robot (a very poorly done robot). I love these though. maternity photo shoots can be weird, there is a fine line between nice, cheesy and silly. i wanted to look back and feel beautiful, elegant and maternal. These are perfect for me. i'm When I was pregnant with JHM we took these.Looking back on both of the shoots, it's surprising how big my belly was.

It's fun to clean up, play dress up and feel beautiful every now and then.