Friday, October 8, 2010

Chrysanthemum, yum yum yum

i have a problem with measurements. Not in everything, just in things that grow when you cook them. Noodles, forget it. I start little and look in the pot, but it never seems enough so I add more. then a little more. Then once they are ready, there is no water in the pot and I am left with days worth of noodles. I can't get it right. They actually have kitchen gadgets for people like me to solve this problem. I do love a kitchen gadget but I am determined to get it right myself. I don't need one of these

All I need to do is remember things expand in water when cooked. Good rule of thumb.
SO.... a few weeks ago I walked by a little tea shop in the West Village and remembered I love Chrysanthemum Tea and that I should buy some.

When I made it the first time. Oh goodness. I over did it. josh laughed for a long time about it. the pot was FILLED with open flowers. FILLED.
Tonight I made some and it was better. Seriously though, look at the before picture:

It looks so tiny and I just went with it (even though i thought i should add more)
but it made all this!

Just remember: dried things grow A LOT when you add water and bring it to a boil.

AND remember: Chrysanthemum Tea with a drizzle of honey is quite lovely.

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  1. I did that once with chamomile tea. I have never tried Chrys. tea. I will have to soon. You make it sound so tasty. ps. I like when you blog.