Saturday, October 30, 2010


On October 22, 2010 I gave birth in my living room to the most precious little human being I could ever had imagined. To me he is perfect. I feel very blessed and lucky and actually humbled by the experience and the fact that I get to be responsible for this wee one's life. I feel privledged to be a mother. I. am. a. mother. AND I love my son. My. Son. (josh's too) - also, i don't think it takes giving birth yourself to have the same feeling of being a mother. I get how all the women who are able to adopt babies can love and care for the babies that become their own.

So far (in the past 9 days) I haven't had one bad moment, no moment where i felt like a zombie, no moment when I felt like a cow (and this kid can EAT). Just moments of love, laughter, gratitude, amazement at the human body/creation, appreciation for my own mother and for being a women. I feel alive. More alive than ever before. I'll embrace this time and welcome whatever the next stage is. Sure it will be trying at times, but what in life that is worth anything isn't trying?

I'm surprised with all the advice i received from friends and family, no one remembered to tell me new respect, appreciation, attraction and love i would feel for josh.

ok, so enough mushy stuff. 5 fun things about Sonny i love so far:

1) he is fuzzy - shoulders and back are covered in little dark fuzz
2) he flips me off all the time - he can only get away with that for so long
3) day one he peed on my face
4) he has loooooooong loud farts that crack me up
5) his face he makes when he is milk drunk

Here are some pics. oh and i'm almost done with my birth story so that will be the next post.


  1. Thank you!! I'm so sick of new moms complaining complaining complaining about having a newborn. Of course it's hard. But it's your priveledge to feel like a zombie and a cow.

  2. BEAUTIFUL photos! Congrats!! Can't wait to meet this cutie.