Thursday, September 30, 2010


Not the creepy tv show. I learned about CSA's this year (Community Supported Agriculture) and waited until March 15th the first day to sign up for the Inwood CSA (I had the date circled on my calendar for months).

The first bounty was great and exciting. Farm Fresh Just for us, was what I kept saying for days after. And even now when I see our weekly fruit and veggie harvest I can't help but smile and think "Farm Fresh Just for us", cause that is what a CSA is. And this one is Organic and biodynamic. We get our veggies from Hawthorne Valley Farm. I'm not going to lie, sometimes they go bad. Sometimes we don;t have time or energy to cook them all and we end up tossing some out. That is a shame. Today I picked up this weeks share and this is what my fridge looks like:

Up top are string beans, concord grapes and that yellow bag is filled with Arugula (the adult's lettuce). So with all those colors and that farm fresh produce, this is what I decided to eat when I woke up from my nap and headed to the kitchen:

AND they aren't even home made. They are the powder mix that you just add an egg and butter to. BUT the butter was Organic, that counts right?

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  1. That's a lot of arugula for someone who doesn't even like salad. Haha.