Thursday, February 4, 2010

I'll tell you what, this is what I'm going to do...

I'm going to start this blog. It's going to be about things I like, things I dislike. Things I buy (and probably return), things I want to buy. I'll write about food I make and food I eat. Things I do and things I don't do. So lets get started shall we?

Today I like Goldfish Crackers. When I was in Ms. Gardner's kindtergarten class we learned basic math skills with GFC. We were sharks and we had to subtract the fish we ate from our school of fish. I think the problem now is that I was never told to stop being the shark. I can eat some GFC. AND while I eat them, I'm subtracting them from my stash. Last night we went to the grocery store to buy cookies, and I saw their GFC display. I said "Oh I love those, but I won't get them because I will eat them all and that is not healthy". Josh said "you should get them if you want them". I did want them. I bought the chedder flavor (is there really any flavor thats better, i think not).
A little tidbit of info for you: Goldfish Crackers were introduced to the United State in 1962. That means in 2012, it'll be their 50th birthday! I hope they have a blow-out bash.

Oh! I almost forgot. Today I also really like NeRdS! I can't stop eating them either right now. Remember back in the day when you could get a little plastic NeRd guy filled with NeRdS? Those were awesome.

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