Friday, September 9, 2011

Summer Vacation

I'm a month late with these pictures.  You didn't even know we went on vacation, because I didn't want to tell you when we would be gone, that way you can't sneak into my house while we were in North Carolina.  So now that we have been back for a while, I will tell you all about it.

Josh's sister and her family (4 kids - 9, 5, 2, & 2) rented a beach house for a week and we were able to stay there for a few days.   Josh's mom and youngest brother also stayed the night and his other brother's family (one 2 year old)  joined us during the days (they only live 15 min from the rented house).

We had a lot of fun.  The babe loved playing in the ocean, there were tide pools that were perfect for holding the right amount of water for a baby.  Although he loved the water, I think he loved playing with his cousins more.  There were such good influences on him that he started to walk!  For real.  He would watch these three two year old kids run circles around him and he wanted in on the action.   We were eating at a Mexican restaurant one night and he just got up and started walking around. From then on it has been non stop walking and climbing.

We went on Josh's brothers boat, Sonny was NOT thrilled. I think it was because his teething was really bad that day, not because he doesn't like being on open water with the wind blowing through his hair (the little he has).  Although, I am positive the anger could have stemmed from wearing a life vest. The boy HATES to be strapped into anything.

Oh we also went swimming, and Sonny liked that too.

biting a balloon.

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