Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Internet Says it Takes 6 Years to be Good at Something

Nothing quite captures our marriage like this picture.  One time when we were on a cruise and took a similar picture during one of the scheduled cruise photo sessions; they refused to display it with the other guest pictures because it was "inappropriate". 

July 14th was our six year wedding anniversary. Six whole years we have spent together as husband and wife, and now we have a baby. That is weird (but in the best possible way).  I am a lucky lucky lady and I love my husband.  He is a good man, a good father and a very good husband (these of course are all understatements).  Like I said in his birthday post, I could list an infinite amount of things that make him wonderful, but I like to keep those to myself. If you know him, you know a few of them.  Happy Anniversary to us!

All of these  pictures on this post were taken by our dear and talented friend Shannon Roddy.  She can capture love and personality like no other.  Take a look at her photo blog- she really is a terrific photographer.  Thank you again Shannon for taking these pictures of us, and for making it SOOOOO easy and comfortable.


  1. I love your blog...and love spending time with you three x infinity. (with and without my is always a blast!)

  2. Love these pictures--each person involved in bringing them to our lives is a genius.

  3. Please make the first one your Christmas card and send it to me. PLease?!?! I'll keep it on my fridge all year long. Happy Anniversary to the coolest couple in the world!