Monday, February 14, 2011

Weekend Lessons +

I used to love grocery shopping. When I didn't live in NY I looked forward to driving to the store, taking my time going up and down every aisle and imagining what kind of food I could make with a new ingredient. Sample the cheese at the deli, dip some bread into the little dips they had out to try. Maybe get a free kids cookie. Then check out, wheel my cart filled with bagged groceries to the car, load up and head home. It was therapy. Now...Not so much. Now it's grab and go. Try not to huff and puff too much in line when I only have 3 items and the person in front of me decides to buy the store or are paying in pennies. Now, I can only buy what I can carry in one hand up 5 flights of stairs.
Take a look at the picture below. You see that grin? You see that empty HUGE clean aisle? You can sense the joy right? That was taken in December at a Harris Teeter in North Carolina. I was spinning in the aisle. SPINNING!!!! TWIRLING!! I miss you Harris Teeter.

I went off on an tangent just now, this wasn't supposed to be about that, the point here is: I am JUST now hopping on the Fresh Direct Train. I LOVE it. I ordered food last week and it was delivered- Fresh and Direct to me, even up the stairs. This happens! You order food online, in your living room (or wherever you prefer), you look at the produce ratings, check out the sales, imagine an ingredient, search for it and drop it in your cart. THEN you pay only $6 and they BRING IT TO YOU! Genius.
Anyway, these are the lessons I taught Sonny this weekend:

1) Spinach is deceitful -Don't let fresh spinach fool you when you cook it, it gets tiny
2) Melted chocolate is HOT- like lava if it touches your fingers - stay away from melted chocolate chips
3) Blow on grits and let them cool a few seconds before tasting them for salt content
4) Bed Bugs are scary - we do NOT have bedbugs. I am obsessed. Any fuzz ball in my house is a suspect. You can never be too safe.
5) Look to the left when crossing the street (and the right)

I made cookies for valentine's day tonight, if you work with me then you can have a cookie tomorrow (Apron = birthday gift from Manisha from Italy - It says "Carly, Queen of the Kitchen")


  1. You are hilarious! I feel the same way and act the same way in grocery stores. hehe. Your boy is a doll!

  2. those were the best cookies i've ever eaten. really, so SO good.

    i really need to hop on the FD train too.

    and the bedbug thing. always on my mind when we leave the house. blah!

    okay, now i need a cookie

  3. How have you not taken advantage of FD until now? You live on the 6th floor of a walk-up!!