Thursday, January 20, 2011


Time just goes and goes and goes and then it's gone. I picture a clock with it's hands going around so fast that you can't even see them. Yep, that's how I feel. It slows down a tiny bit after midnight, slow enough that I can do some things but still fast enough that before I know it it is 3am. Back when I wasn't on maternity leave, josh would often come to bed around 3 and I couldn't imagine what could still be going on after 1. Now I get it. Things. There are always things to do. Relax is one of those things. I like to relax. I'm relaxing right now. So relaxed I don't even feel like posting all the pictures I intended on posting from Christmas to now.
The last month in brief:
  • Christmas - Spent in N.C. Enjoyed the food, family and friends. We had wii tournaments- they were SERIOUS. Did I win any of the big ones? No. Am I sore about it? No. I did do the best at flapping my arms like a bird and landing on the targets. Sonny went on his first boat ride (pictures to come). He was so impressed he fell asleep (I blame the cold not the activity itself)
  • New Years - Watched it on TV, ate some brownies and had some grape juice. The store was out of sparkling stuff.
  • Came back to NY. Nice to be back home. It was cold. Frigid. Snowy. Snow storms in NYC are pretty for about 5 minutes then its like the tar pits, only if tar was slushy instead of sticky. It's gross.
  • Went to Orlando for my sister's bridal shower. The shower was nice, her friends did a great job. Had cake tastings for the big event. Cicely went with Raphsodic Bakery- Too bad you aren't invited to the wedding because the cake is going to be AWESOME!! Really. The flavors we chose and the design, I can't even think about it without getting excited. Weather was soooo nice. Sonny and I would go outside and walk to the end of the road to the lake with NO COAT. It wasn't even cold. A t-shirt was sufficient.
  • Back to NYC. Went to the Mvsevm of Natvral History (that's the way the cool people write it) tonight for This is your Brain on Ping Pong. I always love being someplace after hours, things just seem more magical. I wore lipstick - cause I'm almost 30.
I have so many pictures to post! I'll do that this week sometime. Here is a family portrait in the meantime.

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