Thursday, January 27, 2011

Happy Birthday to ME!!!!!!!!

January 25, 1981. Super Bowl Sunday - Raiders vs. Eagles (for those of you who know my problem with numbers {katie} it was Super Bowl XV! 15 and 25- great right?). Alicia Keys was born (She was playing on Colbert when we were in the audience, her Mom was sitting behind me- somehow we started talking - and I said "we have the same birthday"). Lame. Which leads me to I WAS BORN. In Boulder Colorado.

I had a real nice 30th birthday. Woke up to the heavens throwing confetti all over Manhattan in celebration of my birthday. Lounged around, josh made me breakfast. Lounged around. Then josh watched Sonny and I took the looooooooooooooooooooooongest shower I've taken in a long time. It was one of the BEST present I could have imagined. A long hot shower has to be one of my favorite things. ever. Lounged around. Met josh out for dinner. Since it's Restaurant Week, I was going to pick a nice fancy place, but didn't want to be disappointed or have to think too hard to find a place, so I went with the most trusty: Vegetarian Paradise. This is probably our most frequented NYC establishment. Sonny, Josh and I partied so hard, we closed that place DOWN. They even put a candle in my cake, wrote happy birthday on the plate and sang to me.

Then tonight, josh made me a cake with FRESH icing and it was delicious. Oh yeah, he also made me an awesome banner that I woke up to on my birthday. Happy Birthday to ME!!!! (and Alicia Keys).

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