Tuesday, November 16, 2010

You should Buy these

When I was looking for cute things to buy Sonny before he was born, I found the most perfect stuffed animals. They are called Aminals. They are my favorite because:
1) They are Awesome to look at
2) They are Organic Inside and Outside
3) Even the dyes are organic
4) The conditions at the Aminal plant are regulated and the workers are treated very nice
5) When the Aminal is ready to pass on, you can compost it and turn your little ones friend into soil
6) They are special
7) They are reasonably priced
8) The calm look of Liun helps calm down Sonny when he cries

9) They make good pillows

Cicely bought Sonny Liun and I just ordered Eflant. I think the next one I get will be Wayul.

You should buy one for your kids, or next time you know someone who has a kid and you need an awesome gift idea. Buy an Aminal.


  1. I love these! I want to get one for Dexter. June is adorable! Down the road sometime we need to come up to visit so our little boys can play together (I guess that would be in a couple years).
    Your birth story is awesome. Completely the opposite of mine. You're a strong Momma! We send our love to you, Josh and June :)

  2. I want the dinosaur for my future someday baby...or for me. :)