Monday, November 29, 2010

Winter Migration

I know why Florida is filled with old people in the winter- this place is NICE the end of November! I lived in FL for 10 years and was too busy hating June, July and August to see the good of November. It took me moving to NYC and spending 6 winters there to really appreciate it.
We spend every Thanksgiving down here but it is usually just a long weekend and everything is all jammed packed and you have to leave just as you're starting to get settled. This year was different.
My parents recently moved from their house in the boring suburbs west of Ft. Lauderdale to the beach. When I say the beach I don't mean they're near a beach, they are ON the beach. As in you walk out the door and the only thing separating you from the Atlantic Ocean is sand and Sea grass. It's nice. So, since I am off work a few months and my parents are first time grandparents, I thought I'd come down for a couple weeks and let them get as much Sonny as they wanted up close and personal.
Thanksgiving was cool. Small- just me, mom, dad, cicely, josh and sonny. With the exception of the pumpkin pies josh made, the cranberry sauce my dad made and the mashed potatoes I made, everything was from Whole Foods. My favorite was the Quorn Turkey Loaf. It was a complete Vegetarian Thanksgiving.
I got to catch up with some old friends which is always a treat and everything else has been pretty good. Here are some pics from the trip so far.

We met Cicely and James in Port St. Lucie at my Mom's sister's house to see my Abuelo and for everyone to meet Sonny and James. That picture is the first time Cicely held Sonny, Abuelo taught josh how to play dominos, then it's Dad and Mom taking turns holding Sonny.

Sonny barfed on me. Josh loved him for it. I just figured out how to download more than one pic at a time to this blog. This makes posting pictures easier.

I'm a pretty good photographer. I even messed with the DOF (I just had to ask josh was it was I was adjusting) So, I really love those three pictures, I have the cutest little family.

Sonny is CUTE

Today the weather was PERFECT. Josh and I sat outside, he wrote in his journal and I finally got to open a book and read for the first time in a while. Sonny slept soundly in the shade. He really likes the ocean air. Does wonders for his lungs.

This was an accident, but he sure does look like Glow Worm in this picture.

I'm here a few more days. Oh I will miss this weather as soon as I get to NY. I am already shivering.

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  1. Reeeeally cute photos! Glad you are having fun in the sun with your family. Miss you up here though! Let's hang out when you get back.