Thursday, June 20, 2013

Slow Poke

My caption from Instagram last night: "Oh look, someone took a picture of JHM and made it into a sticker"

JHM has two speeds. Warp Fast and Super Slow. That's it. Nothing in between.

And he uses them both at the wrong time mostly.  Say you are running late somewhere, he couldn't care less.  Say it's raining, buckets, he couldn't care less.  Say you have to pee so bad and want to get home, he couldn't care less. Say you had a long day at work, amlost 8 months pregnant, pick him up from his babysitter and want to take a bus the 10 blocks rather than walk, and a bus is just behind you, but you're not at the stop yet - he couldn't care less.

BUT say you want to take a nice stroll or just want to sit down on a bench and watch people - well here comes Mr. Fast Guy. He wants to run all over, swing on every post or poll, run up and down ramps and stairs.

My sister-in-law gave him a book called How do I Love You and one page says "I love how you take each day in your own unhurried style".  That is my least favorite page. It makes me laugh now, cause this is just him. I love him dearly even at his slowest.

I do appreciate his lack of the concept of time.  And perhaps I am a little jealous of it.  I usually just go with it, or pick him up.  I enjoy this time with him, he won't be 2 1/2 for ever. Sigh.

Here is a video of him "hurrying".  We (I) had a million errands to run we hadn't eaten breakfast and it was almost noon (Saturday's we all sleep in late).  This is actually pretty fast. Acceptable even.

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