Monday, August 13, 2012

North Carolina - 1 Month Later

North Carolina is always a good time.  Josh has 4 siblings of the 5, 4 are married and 3 have children. There are 6 grandkids in total and they are all under 9. 4 of them are 3 and under.  We spend every Christmas together and aim to get together once during the summer.  We are the only ones living outside of North Carolina so the time with cousins is important for Sonny.

Josh's sister rented a beach house for a week, we all crammed in and had a blast.  We ate a lot of icecream and the normal Southern cusine which I am so fond of.   Here are my favorite pics in a random dump.

you can't get much cooler than this.


iPhones are hours of entertainment

He had such a good time with his cousins

He loves malts too.

One of my favorite families live in NC and it is a treat each time we get to spend time with them. 

this is their rad little man.

5 of the 6

"Too Pokey!!"  Didn't like the grass on his bare legs. City kid.

Sleep with One Eye Open

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