Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Out on the Field

Remember the cotton field pictures from last Christmas?  If you don't, then hit that link and you will see them.  Well, this year the cotton field was a corn field.  It's neat to see a years growth (both in the boy and the field)!  Here are a few selects josh took while at Grandma's.  If I can, I will post some more later.

These Next two are from this past week, He was happy and then sad cause he wanted Josh's camera so badly.


  1. Something is terribly wrong with those pictures--tell Josh to fix what he did ASAP as June looks like a boy and not a baby.

  2. His lashes! Oh my goodness, I'm jealous of those. I don't think you can even buy those! Handsome boy. Looks just like his mama, I think.

  3. Wow, he really has grown so much since we last saw him! But he's still got those gorgeous brown eyes. Handsome boy. :)