Wednesday, June 1, 2011

New Camera

** This post has been sitting in drafts since Monday.  I was going to change some things and make it a little nicer, but I have no time and no energy.  Now I just want it off my To Do List, so here it is...More pictures to come**

A while back (can't find the old post to reference) I said I wanted to get the Canon S95. Well... I finally bought it this Saturday and so far love it. I haven't had a chance to really learn it's tricks- Josh has told me a few things, but honestly I can't seem to remember the basic rules of aperture vs. F-stops vs. ISO.  I'll get it eventually and then I can feel comfortable taking pictures in the manual setting.  It was hot as ________ all weekend, mostly in the high 80's and it might have even reached 90+.  We spent some time with the Evensen's, McNeil's and Adams just hanging around doing New York parks and what not.  All in all it was a successful Holiday weekend. See?

sometimes I find him kissing himself in the mirror

the only Memorial Day parade in Manhattan goes right by our bedroom

this makes me laugh, cause Sam's legs look like they are the boy's

"I love my friends" - JHM

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