Saturday, May 21, 2011

Easter / 6 month Pictures - Late of course

I'm a month behind on these photos - and with everything else in my life right now it seems. We took these Easter Sunday they also served as the boy's 6 month photo shoot (this is part 1). This weekend he will be 7 months. 7 months!

Sonny at 7 months:
  • cutting teeth - the other day he was drinking out of my glass and his bottom teeth made little ding noises on the glass and I almost cried
  • Laughs and laughs and laughs and laughs
  • Smiles and smiles and smiles and smiles
  • Loves to make friends on the train, on the street, in a restaurant, at the park - anywhere.  This boy loves new friends.  He will stare you down until you smile at him and then will smile and be your best friend until he picks his next victim
  • Pulls himself up to stand and can walk around things (unsteadily)
  • Good at walking holding onto fingers
  • Just about has crawling down - he can crawl just a bit, slowly and still lacks a little crawl confidence 
  • Loves dancing. His favorite dance songs are Empire State of Mind - anything with a beat really. Lately he has been going nuts over Daft Punk
  • Says Dada a lot Momma a few times (both on accident - but still)
A lot has been going on and I think this weekend I will dump it all out on here.  I still need to post about Florida too.  So much to do and never any time.

Today was josh's birthday.  Where do you think we went?  Any guesses? Yep, Vegetarian Paradise.
I love that man. Every day I still look at him and smile and my heart is filled with love and happiness.  He doesn't even have to do anything, I just see him and sometimes my eyes leak. There are so many reason's I love him, and those are things I want to keep to myself. Just know - if you don't already - Josh is a really special wonderful person and I sure am glad he was born. Happy birthday to him.

Now look at pictures of the cute kid we made:

 i look like i am going to eat him - my mouth looks like i could just about get all of him in one bite
 this top one is one of my favorites