Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Internet Says it Takes 6 Years to be Good at Something

Nothing quite captures our marriage like this picture.  One time when we were on a cruise and took a similar picture during one of the scheduled cruise photo sessions; they refused to display it with the other guest pictures because it was "inappropriate". 

July 14th was our six year wedding anniversary. Six whole years we have spent together as husband and wife, and now we have a baby. That is weird (but in the best possible way).  I am a lucky lucky lady and I love my husband.  He is a good man, a good father and a very good husband (these of course are all understatements).  Like I said in his birthday post, I could list an infinite amount of things that make him wonderful, but I like to keep those to myself. If you know him, you know a few of them.  Happy Anniversary to us!

All of these  pictures on this post were taken by our dear and talented friend Shannon Roddy.  She can capture love and personality like no other.  Take a look at her photo blog- she really is a terrific photographer.  Thank you again Shannon for taking these pictures of us, and for making it SOOOOO easy and comfortable.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Eat, Play, Love

So far the boy loves fruit and vegetables and the only thing he gagged on (litterally gagged) was hard boiled egg yolk.  I will not be feeding him that again anytime soon.  He'll try and eat just about anything, but what he loves are figs, avocado, berries, beets and raw zucchini sticks.  I've also been giving him toast with yogurt or other mild spreadables and he likes that too.  It's easy to feed him now that he is older and can digest better. We just keep things super simple, natural and organic.  He makes such a mess and that is so fun to watch.

i think it is so funny how he sits with his one leg up. Straight chillin

I bought him this little walker wagon and was so excited when it came in the mail.  The first time we tried it wasn't very successful so I assumed that it would have to wait a few weeks. I was wrong two days later the boy is zipping all around the house.  He's just learned what to do when he crashes into something.  In the beginning he would just scream out of frustration, but now he will back it up and try to turn it - before screaming out of frustration.   Watch:

This is another cute video (if you aren't sick of seeing my two boys) I love these two:

The 4th of July

The little man is fully recovered. Phew.  

We had a really nice July 4th spent with friends, food and fireworks.  Sunday we met some friends in the park by us for a potluck picnic covered in babies.  We have been really lucky to meet some great families in the neighborhood with babies all around the same age.  They just crawl around stealing eachothers toys. It's cute.

Every year  for a few hours on July 4th, the Empire State Building  is closed to the public for a special firework viewing event. This year we were lucky enough to be able to attend.  It was Awesome.  I've only been to the ESB one other time, and it was crowded and touristy.  This time though was special. All it took was one email from and to the right people and my little family got a very special 4th of July (Thank you DP). The observation deck on the 86th floor is open to a small crowd to watch the Macy's Fireworks.  There was no line.  No crowd, no waiting.  There was King Kong, free snacks and a beautiful view.  The weather was perfect, the sunset was beautiful, New York City actually felt - still.  The baby fell asleep just before the fireworks started and woke up just in time for us to miss the Grand Finale.

The baby wasn't so sure of King Kong


I wonder if this view will ever get old

Sunday, July 3, 2011

All Red, no white or blue..maybe black and blue later

Happy Independence Day Weekend! 235 years ago we as a nation adopted the Declaration of Independence and declared our independence from Great Brittan. Hooray!

Four hours ago, while trying to declare his independence from holding on to the coffee table, the boy fell down and smashed his tongue against his teeth- 90% sure it went all the way through in one spot.  A WHOLE LOT OF BLOOD.  I didn't know the extent of the damage until about an hour ago, he fell asleep and we peeked under his tongue. Not a pretty sight.  It is bad.  A lot of blood and it's starting to turn white and purple which according to my mothering via Google searches says is exactly what to expect.  Nothing a Dr. can do, nothing worth rushing to the hospital for.  Just let it heal and give him cold things to eat.  Poor guy.  BUT soon after the incident he was in high spirits and acted like nothing happened.  A good meal and a trip to the swings can do that for you.  He sure is a messy eater.

p.s.  Look at those lashes!

See my face in Times Square and the S Train

Last year the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (The Mormon Church - which I am a member of), was holing an open photo call for any members wanting to get their pictures taken.  Josh and I were running errands downtown and thought we would pop our heads in real fast to get a few shots snapped.  We didn't really know what they were going to be used for.   The first time we saw any proof that we actually did that was in December, there was an add in the Ensign (church magazine) that had Josh's face on it.  The campaign also followed Josh around one day and made a cool video of him that was featured on the website for a while and also played as an ad on TV in some cities.

So a couple weeks ago people were telling me that they saw us in Time Square on a billboard.  I also heard we were in ads on the S Train (Shuttle between Times Square and Grand Central Terminal).  I wanted to see it for myself.  Rather than walking crosstown after work one day last week, I took the S train (the second one to arrive on the platform, the first was a Lady Gaga train, and clearly my face wasn't in those ads) to Times Square and saw the video and our faces.  This is the closet I will ever come to having fame and performing on Broadway!

I thought "hmmm.. probably not that train"

I spy Carly in a hat!

I spy Josh in glasses!

I spy a caddy-corner Maready Family!

It's a video billboard and i think it loops about every 5 minutes

Here is the video. Sorry it is sideways.