Thursday, June 9, 2011

friends, roseola, birthday's - all kinds of things

After a bout of Roseola the boy has been recovering slowly.  Saturday he felt a little warm, but we just chalked it up to teething.  He was his happy go lucky self all day, we went to a birthday party in the park (pics below), had a nice dinner and everything seemed fine.  Sunday- went to church he was happy, slept fine, Sunday body was burning up.  Fever ranged from 101 to 103.5. Little sleep (for us both).  Monday- still had the fever, was a little sad and not as engaged with the world as usual and we knew something wasn't right.  Monday night fever was HIGH all night and baby Advil and baby Tylenol did nothing.  We took him to our pediatrician (Dr. Maja Castillo- I really like her), she diagnosed him with Roseola and sure enough today his fever has subsided and he has a bit of a rash.  He has been sleeping like CRAZY.  Yesterday, josh said he slept about 6 hours worth of naps! This is him right now:

Now I'm going to dump a bunch of pictures.  A past New Yorker (and friend) was in town for her husband's dental conference and brought her ridiculously adorable family along for a visit.  A bunch of girls got together  to celebrate her visit Tuesday night at Andrea's.  We had soda, cookies, chatted and did other girly things- it was a lot of fun.  I am lucky enough to know some pretty rad women up here in north Manhattan.

kendra, erin, amy, andrea, debi, katie & abbie

A few months back I met a really nice man on the Subway (i was with the boy, and we started talking about babies- he has a little girl)- Anyway, we are now family friends and went to his daughter's 2nd birthday party in the park.  There was a clown and she made the boy a balloon bee. Dude- I've never seen him so excited about a toy.  If you look at nothing else on this blog, watch this video and the random one after it.
this other random video is the best baby video yet:

Here are other cute baby pics from this weekend:

there are little kids, and then there are tiny kids


  1. He is the most precious one!

  2. The boy is the cutest thing ever and I love the balloon bee video!

    Amy B

  3. Sick Babies are the saddest thing! Glad he's feeling better.

  4. We need to hang out more, and bring that June cuz I reeeeeally like him!

  5. That girl's night was really fun. We need to do it more. Also, I love the one of his cute smile looking over your shoulder!