Friday, March 29, 2013

Empire State of Mind

A few weeks ago for our Young Women's activity the other leaders and I took the girls to Chipolte and then to the top of the Empire State Building.  JM had been there before but as a baby and apparently, he was super impressed this time around.

It was a crappy day, overcast, rainy and a bit cold. We had considered postponing the activity but decided to just go for it.  While we were eating the weather changed. The sky was clearing up and it was a little less cold.  When we got to the top of the ESB the East and South sides were roped off due to the wind. The guard told me they had JUST opened the North and West sides and would soon be opening the others.  Apparently, we got there just in time.

The dark clouds lifted, the wind eased a little (it was still super windy outside) and day was turning into night.  Personally, I think that is best time to see the City from 86 floors above the ground. You watch the sun fade and the city lights up. Literally.

JM's bestie came too (his mom is also a leader in Young Women's) and the two of them had a blast.

Each window was a new experience, and all were positive.  He's obviously pumped.

WOW!  Cool! Beautiful! (repeat)