Thursday, May 5, 2011

I'm in Florida

Yep. In Florida. It is sunny and warm and humid and nice to be home.  We haven't done much really, but I think that is what coming to Florida is for - to do a lot of nothing. Especially before the new job starts.  That's right, I have a new job and it starts May 16th.  I'm actually really looking forward to the new job- as far as jobs go I think I will like it. Check back with me in two months after I start though.

My Dad loves the ocean, he grew up in Miami Beach and has always been drawn to the ocean.  He has dreamed of sharing that love and the joy it brings him with his grandchildren.  Yesterday, before the sun went down we went for a walk on the beach (my parents live pretty much on the sand of the beach) and these are a few of my favorite pictures. I love them.

You know those cook tops that just turn red when you turn them on? My parents have one in there kitchen and whoever was the designer of it did a crappy job.  The dials on the side make NO sense as to which burner they turn on.  This morning my Mom was making me oatmeal and while it was *cooking* I was showing her some of my friend's blogs.  She smelled something and turned around to find flames on the stove top/counter.  I looked up and sure enough the whole cook-top (which also serves as counter space in the small kitchen) was aflame and my Mom was pushing burning packets of oatmeal into the sink. I jumped up turned on the sink hose and sprayed the counter and flames down.
When she turned the stove on to heat the milk, she turned the wrong burner on accidentally.   The one she did turn on had the box of oatmeal on it and it caught fire.  Here is the aftermath:

 Oops. :)


  1. been there done that. Had to buy a new stove top :(

  2. June looks so excited to be at the beach! what a cutie