Thursday, November 8, 2012


Ev'rybody's talking about
Bagism, Shagism, Dragism, Madism, Ragism, Tagism
This-ism, that-ism, is-m, is-m, is-m. 
                                   -- John Lennon

All this election hoopla gives me a headache.  Red, Blue, White, Black, Rich, Poor, Left, Right, Right, Wrong, Winner, Loser... Over it.  I didn't even really care who won. I don't say that as someone who doesn't care about politics or our once great nation.  I'm the opposite, I do care about politics and our once great nation (don't get me wrong --we are still a good place to live, and I am fortunate to be born here that is for sure).  To me there was little difference between the two when you get down to nitty gritty.  I was once a huge fan of Obama, back in 2008.  I volunteered at call centers, wore buttons, had stickers, watched the election results and cheered with friends down at Rockefeller Center.  Not this time though.  I didn't even know who won until I heard yelling and car horns outsideI did vote, didn't get a sticker, but I did vote.  BUT I'm not going to make this about the Presidential Election.  

He was over the hour wait.

This is about Prop 37 in California.  Have you heard about it?  Have you been following it?  I have.  I find it very interesting, important and potentially life changing.  Not just in California, but the theory behind it.  I am a big supporter of buying and eating organic (when possible), avoiding GMOs (when possible) and supporting smaller family owned and operated businesses. 

In a nut shell (preferably organic) Prop 37 was an amendment that if passed (it was defeated 53%-47%) would require food companies to label all foods containing GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms). You might ask yourself "Wait, are GMOs bad for you?"  Well the answer is: Probably - most definitely.  But you won't hear that from our government.  Why?  Because the results they go off of are from tests conducted by the same corporations that make them and profit from them (read and learn more here). Smells fishy if you ask me.  Countries like Australia (yes it is a country), Japan and the EU have many rules, regulations and bans on GMOs-- but not the good ole USofA.  

Prop 37 was challenging that.  There is so much to share on this!!  I am really passionate about it.  But I know no one wants to read a super long blog post...  So here are some facts and figure and a list of Happy (GMO labeling supporters) and Ugly (Anti-labelers) companies.  Also if you want to sign the petition going to the FDA click here. It takes 30 secondsDon't you want to know what you eat? What goes INTO your body?  What can make you sick, infertile, crazy, depressed, have three eyes, glow green?  To me its not just a battle against GMOs but also pesticides and other hazardous chemicals we have been exposed to.  Shop wisely if you can and look for more on the No GMO movement.
Needless to say Monsanto is the worst.  I classify them as people going to hell.
We can make a difference and give ourselves and children a chance of being a little healthier.  


  1. Thanks for posting about this. I feel like this issue is so important and so many people dont know about it or how bad it actually is. i believe food and education are the biggest indicators if our country will be ok and so far thats not going so well. i wish i could have been in california that day to vote. down with Monsanto!

  2. Your prop 37 poster embed isn't working. Here's a large version/link:

  3. I really love that you posted about this. It's so important, & no one knows anything about them (my mom was talking about them last weekend while my in-laws were also in town, & my mother in law was like, "What?? What are those??" Eek!).

    Corn is the worst, I've heard. We should probably all totally quit eating corn, right??