Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Chatter Box

My parents always came home from Parent Teacher Conferences with the same old story.  Every teacher I had from Mrs. Sorensen in 1st grade to ALL of my teachers in 8th grade had the same thing to report: Carly is great, if she would just stop talking.

I liked to talk. I still like to talk. You know the 'ole "let's see who could be quiet the longest" game parents would encourage their kids to play?  I remember playing (and lossing) that a lot. I'd been labled a chatterbox early on. My Mom and Dad both remind me that I could "never shut-up" when I was a kid. Well guess what? Sonny got that honest from his Mama.

Now that he is weaned (went very very well), rather than nurse to sleep, he likes to talk himself to sleep. For that past week, once we lay down to go to sleep, his mouth opens and doesn't close until I insit he stop talking, close his eyes and fall alseep. I think the longest has been 45 minutes.

I've been wanting to record it, but always forget my phone in the other room.  Last night I brought it in with me and once I turned off the lights and laid back down with him, I sneaked the voice memo on and recorded our conversation.  We talked for about 20 minutes and then Josh got home and joined us in bed, at which point he talked an additioanl 15 minutes until I said no more.  Here are a couple clips. 




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  1. This is just beautiful. You must do more! He has so much to say and I love the way he articulates. It's just like you describe when you write phonetically!