Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Pillow Talk.

Usually getting Sonny to sleep at night is seemless. We lay down and within 20-40 minutes he is sleeping and I sneak out.  Last night though, it was like having a real kid that didn't want to sleep.  He was a complete chatterbox.  This is how it went down:

*He only had a 30 min nap earlier and when we were getting ready for bed he was having a complete tired melt down so I thought sleeping would be easy.

After nursing for 10 min:
 me: Ok, love it's time to sleep good night.
him: milk? milk? milk? milk?
me: No, boobies are sleeping.
him: Peeeeaaassss
me: Not right now, it's time to sleep.
**Amublance Sirens**
him: Ambance???
me: yep
him: see it??
me: Now it's time to sleep, we can see an ambulance another time, ok?
him: yep-a (his Yep's and Nope's have very hard P sounds)
**Tossing and turning**
**Motorcycle goes by**
him: brrrvrooom brrrvrooom (making hand gestures of turning handle- I am sure there is a word for that - did this repeatidly)
him: Mama. mama. mama. mama.
me: yes love?
him: mocykal?
me: yes.
him: see it?
me: Not right now, but tomorrow you can see one.
him: ok. ONE DAY?!?!?
me: Yes, one day.
him: Bibbit? one day bibbit?
me: (trying so hard not to laugh) yes, love, one day you can have a bibbit.

**Ok, so on Tuesday or Wednesday while eating dinner, we were watching Planet Earth and there was a frog. Sonny said "I want" I said "One day you can have one". He said "One day?" I said, "yes, one day you have have a frog (be calls frogs bibbit's) when you are a little older."**

him: (grabbing my face in both his hands - looks me in the eyes)  Mama! One. day. bibbit?
me: Yes, one day you can have a frog. Please close your eyes and try to sleep.
him: Bibbit, frog, one day.
me: yes.
him: Mama! One. day. bibbit?

me: yes, one day, you can have a bibbit.

I KID YOU NOT THIS WENT ON FOR AT LEAST 8 MINUTES back and forth about him getting a frog one day.

He is so silly.

He also likes to do or wear whatever we are doing or wearing. Especially when it comes to accessories.  Saturday I was wearing a headband. So he wanted a head band.  He points to his head and says headband too?  So I found the most masculine one in my drawer and he wore it proudly for the next hour.

He is so silly.


  1. hillarious, what a personality!

  2. oooooh! i want to squeeze him til he 'bibbits'!