Monday, May 7, 2012


You can call him Scooter McScooterson.  My parents bought this for him for his 18 month birthday (is that even a real thing?) We can't leave the house without it.   Last night when we were coming home from a friend's house he was taking hills with serious speed and skill.  This kid is fearless.  It's quicker than letting him walk anywhere, cause when he's walking 2 blocks can take 20 min with all the distractions.

What next?  I guess a skateboard will soon follow.


  1. So stinkin cute. What's the brand I've been wanting to get one for Odin. Man, we miss you guys!

  2. WOW! that is amazing. June will be a pro skateboarder,surfer, snowboarder for sure.

  3. I'm pretty sure June is a grown man that you guys just adopted with the promise you would take care of him if he talked like a baby.