Monday, July 11, 2011

Eat, Play, Love

So far the boy loves fruit and vegetables and the only thing he gagged on (litterally gagged) was hard boiled egg yolk.  I will not be feeding him that again anytime soon.  He'll try and eat just about anything, but what he loves are figs, avocado, berries, beets and raw zucchini sticks.  I've also been giving him toast with yogurt or other mild spreadables and he likes that too.  It's easy to feed him now that he is older and can digest better. We just keep things super simple, natural and organic.  He makes such a mess and that is so fun to watch.

i think it is so funny how he sits with his one leg up. Straight chillin

I bought him this little walker wagon and was so excited when it came in the mail.  The first time we tried it wasn't very successful so I assumed that it would have to wait a few weeks. I was wrong two days later the boy is zipping all around the house.  He's just learned what to do when he crashes into something.  In the beginning he would just scream out of frustration, but now he will back it up and try to turn it - before screaming out of frustration.   Watch:

This is another cute video (if you aren't sick of seeing my two boys) I love these two:


  1. Oh dear. He's on target to be walking around the same time Ada started. Good luck with that! hahahahahahahaha.

  2. He is just too much. I love that kid!!!!!