Sunday, July 3, 2011

All Red, no white or blue..maybe black and blue later

Happy Independence Day Weekend! 235 years ago we as a nation adopted the Declaration of Independence and declared our independence from Great Brittan. Hooray!

Four hours ago, while trying to declare his independence from holding on to the coffee table, the boy fell down and smashed his tongue against his teeth- 90% sure it went all the way through in one spot.  A WHOLE LOT OF BLOOD.  I didn't know the extent of the damage until about an hour ago, he fell asleep and we peeked under his tongue. Not a pretty sight.  It is bad.  A lot of blood and it's starting to turn white and purple which according to my mothering via Google searches says is exactly what to expect.  Nothing a Dr. can do, nothing worth rushing to the hospital for.  Just let it heal and give him cold things to eat.  Poor guy.  BUT soon after the incident he was in high spirits and acted like nothing happened.  A good meal and a trip to the swings can do that for you.  He sure is a messy eater.

p.s.  Look at those lashes!


  1. Poor little guy! It's amazing how tough kids are.
    Yesterday before church Ellie knocked the iron off the ironing board, but she got over it so quickly that I didn't even notice the burn on her arm and blisters on her toes until an hour later. I sure felt bad, but she hasn't seemed to bothered by it. Amazing!

  2. How sad! I am glad he is okay. It is hard to watch your little one cry and not be able to do anything about it. He does have amazing eyelashes!