Sunday, November 21, 2010

Midnight Snack

My parents recently sold their house and moved into their 1 1/2 bedroom beach condo. They're doing construction next store to expand their space but in the meantime we (parents, josh, Sonny and I) are all staying in this space. It's all open, no real walls that separate the rooms. Anyway, last night my Dad was watching some movie on HBO and fell asleep after it ended leaving HBO on. We weren't really paying attention to it, Sonny was chillin on the couch and josh and i were just talking and doing random stuff getting ready for bed. We were in the bathroom brushing our teeth and came out to find Sonny glued to the TV. He was laying on the couch sandwiched between pillows staring intensely at the big screen TV. I don't know if my eyes went from him to the TV or from the TV to him, regardless, he was watching porn. It wasn't the part in the porn where they are explaining the plot with words. It was the full on porn part.
If there was a thought bubble over Sonny's head it would have looked like this:
I think he was even drooling a little.

I didn't take a picture of it, so here is a picture I just took after he got done eating. If you squint your eyes right and cross them a little bit when you look at the picture, he looks just like josh.

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