Thursday, November 11, 2010

Can't Decide

I made another blog a while ago to dedicate just to the babe (never posted). and I can't decide if I should keep my blogs separate or just have one? I don't blog enough to justify two I feel like, but I don't want to over baby this one, not that I have that much else going on to blog about. But someday soon I might. So thoughts? Anyone?

Also I have been finishing my birth story and meaning to post that too. It should be done today.

The other night josh was testing a new lighting technique and needed me to stand in. It was a loooong day, and it was pretty late. Here are a few shots from it. I look tired (to be expected)


  1. Hi. Love the kissing babe shot. You're still beautiful. Your skin! Pregnancy does good things to the skin, no? One blog is always easier and I don't imagine your "baby" blog posts will bore or take away from other content you would post. My opinion. (ps. I wish I didn't have 2 blogs, a personal one and baby one to maintain.)

  2. Don't be crazy. One blog is hard enough to keep updated.