Thursday, December 6, 2012

Bunches of Stuff

What about Halloween?  What about Thanksgiving?  What about life in general?  Why have I not documented these things?  I'll just throw some pictures up now from my phone and again later from my real camera.

Here's some new sayings and doings from the boy.

One of my favorite things he does lately is when I ask him if he wants something he'll say "NO WAY Scary Witch"  If it wasn't so silly and cute I might get mad. Say he said that when he was 10 rather than 2, Whew, he would be in trouble.

It goes like this:
me: Hey, would you like some water?
him: NO WAY Scary Witch.

It does have a context.  He used to watch this video which says GO Away Scary Witch GO AWAY.  So he modified it to meet his needs. Clever boy.

I often say: " Oh Crap!"   Well he will often say "Oh Crab".  The other day I was in the kitchen, he was in the living room and I hear:
"Oh Crab! My astronaut is on the sofa.  Oh, now on the the floor"

When we were in Florida for Thanksgiving, my Mom taught him about privacy when you are using the bathroom.  Sometimes when he is using the bathroom he will say "Go, I need p'ricy".

He calls Santa: Santa Closet. He loves space and anything related to spaceships, astronauts and zero gravity.

He wanted to be a Snowman for Halloween. His idea.

On Halloween, after eating some candy, he said "Mom, I like Halloween"

Bean Face

Wen he opens his eyes in the morning, sometimes the fist thing he sas is "trains" or "go play?"

We went into a hardware store and he didn't want to leave. We just sat on big buckets of paint, for a looong time.