Tuesday, April 10, 2012

We Went to Boston

And All I got was this Lousy T-Shirt.

Just kidding. I didn't buy or get a t-shirt there.  BUT I did find my dream restaurant. For some reason I had in my head that I was going to eat at a vegetarian restaurant there.  When we travel we don't really seek out veggie restaurants, we can eat something anywhere we go, but I knew I had to find one in Boston.  We met up with our friend Robin who just moved there and we sat around the hotel room looking on yelp and google for a vegetarian restaurant.  All that kept coming up was Indian Food or Mexican. Been there done that. So we said lets just get in the car and head to our other friend's house and find a place on the way.  We were driving through Cambridge and I glanced up and read the words "Organic Oasis". I said: "OH! Stop the car, we just passed a place!!"  We found a parking spot and walked back to the restaurant. It was called "Life Alive".  It was perfect.  It was everything I ever wanted in a restaurant and definitely everything I wanted Saturday night for dinner.  All VEGETARIAN, ORGANIC, FRESH, DELICIOUS and reasonably priced food.  I was practically jumping up and down.  PLUS, one of my favorite things in the world is "Something delicious to drink".  Most of the time when I crave something it is "Something delicious to drink".  I'll say: "you know what I really want right now? Something delicious to drink."  Well, that can be anything. Sometimes it's fresh lemonade from a street fair, other times it is carrot juice, water, flavored water, chocolate milk - the list goes on and on. Anyway, they serve fresh juices and smoothies and I am pretty sure I had the best smoothie of my life, so far, there.

Josh had the The Kiddie Quesadilla, Robin had The Sufi Poet and I ordered The Fool (it was not foolish - it was delicious).  I asked the lady working there what was the best smoothie and she recommended the Vibrance Alive.  I love her for it.  Then this conversation happened:
Lady:  Do you want to eat upstairs or Downstairs?
Me: Hmmm... Doesn't matter, which is better for a 1 1/2 year old.
Lady:  Doesn't matter, both are good.  BUT downstairs has a play area.
Me: Oh. Then downstairs.

Did you catch that?!  A play area in a restaurant that isn't Chuck E. Cheese.

I am not getting paid for this by the way.  But if you are ever in the Boston area and want something healthy, you should eat there. Kids are welcome.

Here are some pictures:

Other Boston highlights included stumbling upon the Anime Convention. That was a cultural experience.  Eating at The Paramount and walking around Boston Commons. All in all I give Boston Two very enthusiastic thumbs up. Fine holiday fun.


  1. I love life alive!! I got the loco coco and it was sooo good. We spent 2 hours there with my kids adoring the downstairs. Should we bring it to NYC? :)

  2. looks more like a timeout area but it's a start