Thursday, January 26, 2012

Stats - Short for Statistics


For some reason, my blog is big in the Ukraine.  So I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you to all my Ukrainian readers.  I hope you stick around.

Also, big on people looking up baby poop. especially banana baby poop.

It should be big on people looking up "super cute toddler". I wrote baby, but had to erase it, cause he's really not even a baby anymore! He is like a 6 year old.

He is a complete copy cat.  Monkey see, monkey do. Monkey hear, monkey say (try to say).  I love it.
This week he has added a few new words to his vocabulary.  So far this is his arsenal:
hot, water, ball, balloon, bubbles, broom, blueberry, pineapple, banana, egg, more, bye, hi, bed, unt unt unt (while shaking his finger at you when he shouldn't be doing something i.e. pointing at an outlet), door, Israel (his friend - not the country), Paolo (again, his friend), Momma, Dadda.  Those are his standard words and he tries new ones everyday. Granted, pineapple and broom don't exactly sound right, but we know what he means. He is still signing milk, please, thank you, more, all done and has his own sign for help.

We do this thing where he puts boxes on his arms and makes robot sounds (b/c we do it and say "I AM ROBOT ARM" in a robot voice) so he does it too.

He is now covering his mouth when he coughs and blowing and picking his nose. He LOVES dancing, spinning, jumping, cleaning, cooking and riding the broom like a witch. 

Yesterday was his 15 month check-up.  He is of average height, thin and has a small head.

Height: 52%
Weight: 13%
Head: 10%

Oh and we took him sledding and he loved that too. 

Photo dump.

Coughing - He looks a little sick. Poor guy
Maybe that's a sucker in his mouth at the Dr. office. BUT he did have to get blood drawn.

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  1. So cute! We need to try that robot arms thing, Odin will love it. Also, he really gets off the ground when he jumps! Impressive. I think the key there is that he stays low... I'm going to show Odin tomorrow and see if he can get some air like his buddy June.