Thursday, December 1, 2011

I've been busy

But who hasn't?  That is no excuse not to blog. Truth be told, I have three posts drafted just waiting for pictures to be added and published.  But I can't finish those right now.  You don't even know about Sonny's birthday, or our trip to Chicago.  At least I can tell you about Thanksgiving.
My parents are in the last stretch of construction at their place and have no kitchen, so obviously we couldn't have Thanksgiving there!  My sister offered to host at her house in Orlando, so after flying into Ft. Lauderdale Tuesday night we drove 3 1/2 hours to Orlando Wednesday afternoon.  Not sure if I mentioned this before, but the boy HATES car seats - although by the end of the week, he matured enough to accept that sometimes he has to man up and sit in the car seat. He gets it.

It was a treat to spend some time with my sister and her new husband in their home. They are happy and wonderful and I am so happy for them- and their house is fantastic.   I only get to be with my parents and sister a few days out of the year so the times we do have together seem to go by way to fast.

All the food was Thanksgiving-y, my Dad helped Cicely make the Turkey and he made is signature cranberry sauce (it isn't Thanksgiving without it).  We (the Maready half of the dinner) dined on a Quorn Tuk'y log (it was a little dry- my fault).

My sister has two dogs and two cats. As much as Sonny liked the dogs, they were chopped liver compared to the cat. Man, he loved Ira.   He would follow (ok, chase) him around the house and whenever he would catch him, he would just try to hug and kiss him.
Speaking of kisses - the boy is all about kisses.  He just started really going for it.  He will walk up to us, pucker his lips and give kisses and even make a MUAH noise!  He kisses all the stuffed animals he can find (even in the airport gift shops), the animals in his books and even the stuffed santa in the lobby of our building. He is such a sweet boy.   After Orlando we headed back to Ft. Lauderdale where we spent 3 days in the sun with Grandma and Grandpa.  All in all a successful vacation (we always joke that i judge a vacation based on the tan I get- I have a little bit of a glow)

(this list is more for me to remember than for you to read through, since I don't keep a journal or a baby book, i have to document these milestones somewhere right? you can skip all this and go to right to the pictures if you want) He is growing so fast and is definitely developing his own unique personality. He is funny and loves to laugh and make us laugh, he is social and loves an audience, he is a great dancer and has rhythm I could only dream of having, he loves to sing and can even sing (lalalala ) a couple real songs, he talks all the time and he really thinks he is having a conversation with you. He says Momma, Dada, ball, more and will try to mimic other words and sounds we say.  He signs please, milk, more, help, no and all done.  He makes less of a mess eating, uses a fork and spoon, washes his hands after dinner (no soap), brushes his teeth (by no means is he an expert at any of these, but he tries and improves daily). When ever he sees a dob he says woof woof, he roars when he sees lions and will try to make any animal sound given him.  He is very helpful when we are cleaning and loves to sweep and wipe things.  If he sees a paper towel or a sponge he will pick it up and start cleaning the nearest flat surface smiling the whole time.  He is just great and I love him.