Monday, January 24, 2011

A Day in the Life (woke up, fell out of bed)

Some days are glamorous some are not. Today was not (i didn't even wear lipstick). I sometimes make plans and just hope that the details work themselves out. They did today. barely.

Two doctor appointments. Me. And Sonny. The appointments were for me - not Sonny. But he came along. Poor kid. Freezing today. 2pm Dentist- 79th and York (9 miles - 1 hour travel time. I called ahead to make sure my dentist's wife would be there to hold Sonny during the cleaning (very relaxed dentist office - Old man dentist, wife runs the place). Sonny wakes up - NOT HAPPY. Stop the cleaning for a feeding. Resume cleaning. No cavities, teeth are GREAT. Chit Chat with the wife before she gives me Sonny back. Next stop my friend Kathryn's. Only enough time to get to meet her cute little son, change Sonny's diaper, eat my soup i bought on the way there and leave. 4pm Ob/Gyn - 97th and Central Park West (2 miles - 19 min travel time). Sonny's tired. NOT HAPPY. First time new patient. Paper work (one handed). Diaper change (bathroom toilet). Taken back for vitals. Start nursing Sonny. They need that room. My exam room not ready yet. They stick me in the tiny office/lab/all confidential patient stuff room between exam rooms to finish nursing Sonny. Lock me in. Pretty sure patients aren't allowed in there. New patient enters the room i just exited. I get to hear her tell the dr. all about her burning vagina and the cramps that wake her at night. Pretty sure I'm not supposed to/ want to know this. Door unlocks, my room is ready. My boots, coat, hat, scarf, Sonnys mittens, hat and ergo all already off our bodies. Nurse carries ALL of that (+ diaper bag) while I carry a sleeping Sonny to exam room. Told to take off my pants and wait. Sonny wakes up (slept 10 minutes). Wait. Naked from waist down. holding a fussy baby. Wait. Wait. Nurse comes in takes Sonny and leaves. Dr comes in. Get My IUD. Finally. Nurse brings me a crying TIRED Sonny. Bundle up. Sonny's OUT in 2 minutes. Walk to train. Get Home (6 1/2 miles - 35 min). Sonny wakes up.
I give today a 9 out of 10 for best day ever.
tomorrow's my birthday.


  1. That sounds so miserable. I'm sorry! Next time try to schedule doctor's appointments on Fridays and I'll watch June bug while I work from home. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

  2. Good job, momma! Transportation is a nightmare. I'm incredibly impressed that you made 2 doc appts in one day - i don't think i could do it.

    Happy Birthday!!

  3. Wait, so TODAY is your birthday then?? Hope it's happy!!

    Having a baby makes things... complicated. Yes. Bravo to you for surviving such a complicated day. Sometimes I just want a car in the suburbs... but then I go to the suburbs, use a carseat all day long, & I change my mind very quickly. Anyway. Good job. Let's have the boys "play" again soon. They clearly loved each other.